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2 march 24. confusion!!

HELLO !!!!! it has been like three months since i actually updated this site at all, and not much has happened tbh!

i'm in the middle of making a difficult decision, and i'm worried about making the wrong choice because it could LITERALLY change my whole future ... so ya! that's basically all that's going on right now (other than the fact that i probably like one of my classmates who's kind of a weirdo, but like not in a bad way? idk ... it's also a problem)

ANYWAYS enough about that boring important stuff, i wanna talk about my CRAZY WHITE MEN!!!!!! i love house md. I LOVE ROBERT SEAN LEONARD !!! he's my little cutie patootie :3 check out the new hyperfix page for house md + rsl coming soon :P

i'm also living laughing and loving leon kennedy + resident evil!! peep the leon menu icon on the top left :3

also i'm only realizing now that there are so many things that need to be fixed ,,, haha ,,,, idk when i'll get to fixing that stuff ( • ᴖ • 。)

18 nov 23. why is everything so tiring :(

but i always find a reason to keep going :D

school is TAKING ME OUT bruh i almost failed this quarter's first maths quiz .. stark contrast to this school year's first maths quiz where i got a perfect score ... but i'm not gonna be bothered by that NOPE NUH UH ☝

recently my friends and i got into a discussion about what would happen after we die. all of us were mostly worried about what would happen to those we left and if we would be forgotten, but i'm also worried about like. what if i just Stop Existing?

that's why i love the concept of reincarnation. you can always start anew and the cycle just repeats (forever?)

ALSO I SAW FNAF THIS MONTH . I FUCKING LOVED IT. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!! ALSO. I LOVE JOSH HUTCHERSON ! (he's my latest white man obsession btw??!@?@?@?1)

+ i got into hamilton (the musical) recently and, let me tell you, i was absolutely BUMMED when i heard the show was moving countries this month and i'm probably never gonna get to see it live </3

5 sept 23. SCHOOL !

candy. mmmgngghghh. sorry i just really want candy

god school is really keeping my busy ... on the plus side though i'm doing pretty great at school - got a perfect score on our first maths quiz, can i get a wahoo ?!

anyways - i've been wanting 2 add things to the site for almost a month now and i have yet to do any of them LOL </3

i actually just wanna play minecraft and sims4 all day long but i also wanna keep myself productive .. so i'll try 2 make something - anything tbh - today !

15 august 23. even bigger sigh

halfway through the third week of school and i absolutely cannot believe it's only the third week. i feel exhausted as though i've been going to school for months already omfg (╥﹏╥)

i'm honestly so tired and i don't know where it's coming from,,, aaah,,,,!!! school's been keeping me away from my laptop recently and no laptop > no coding > no updates AAAH,,

but on the plus side we still have digital portfolios this school year, so i MIGHT be able to make a site for school so hooray for that :3

ALSO OH MY FUCKING GOD ? i finished good omens like last week,, and,,,,,, i was emotionally devastated the whole night,,,, like oh my god,,,,...??,!!!!1! i hate (love) you neil gaiman + david tennant + michael sheen

5 august 23. huge sigh

it's saturday and the first week of school is OVER ! and im over too :') yesterday i told my friend (who i happen to like .. almost 8 months now .... q_q) that i like(d?) her and all she said was thank you TT

i mean i'm glad she didn't have a violent reaction or anything but still ... i just hope it doesn't get awkward honestly :(

my first week of school was literally just me mentally preparing myself to do THAT so i can't really say that much about it. i'm just glad it's over lol

ALSO - i started watching good omens !! its so good but i've seen so much bad (good????) things about the last episode of s2 and i am so not prepared (i might make a shrine for the show tbh ..)

1 august 23. first day of school

god. today was .... ARGHH !! i mean it wasn't that bad but it wasn't THAT good either ya know ?? it was pretty headache-inducing though

first off - i arrived like a whole hour early and i had to spend it by myself. can you BELIEVE ?? mind you the gates were supposed to open at around 7 - i arrived at 6:30 AM. most days i wouldn't even be awake by then q_q

second, this guy i absolutely fucking despise had the BALLS to come up to me after classes and ASK ME TO INTRODUCE HIM to a new student in our grade ???

and i haven't even seen, much less talked to, her myself ????? and the fact that he had balls to do that after trying to ask/pay me to do a whole bunch of his work last term. the fucking audacity omfg :/

third - i am so so very sad because my friend (cough cough i like her COUGH) is absent and she won't be back until like three days from now :(

but other than that, it was pretty okay. i became friends w a new student and i look pretty good in my ID !

28 july 23. sigh !!!!

so we got our class lists today, and to my VERY BIG SHOCK (yeah it was so big i had to capitalise it) they just assigned us the same goddamn classmates again :(!!

and lets just say i have some classmates i would rather not be in the same building as ^_^

why are they doing this to us HAAHAHA... im going crazy >_0

also my phone got factory reset yesterday so i lost a whole bunch of stuff, including my passwords and games and WRITING god i dont even wanna think about it :')

25 july 23. first blog post!!

today was pretty boring, not much stuff i had to do. class starts exactly next week from today, and i'm actually kinda excited... i didn't really do much this summer other than make this site LOL

alsooo! (i'm typing this in my code editor LMFAO) i think i'm finally gonna get this update on my site !!! who cheered ! (me i cheered :3)