HIII!! i'm so super obsessed with good omens rn....

and OBVIOUSLY as a transmasc i have the legal obligation (/j) to "kin" crowley and get extreme gender envy from david tennant. like. have you SEEN him?????

david tennant looking FINE AS FUCK (from fright night, 2011) now you have :3

michael sheen gives me gender envy too ... i'm gonna be real, even shelley conn (s2 beelzebub) gives me gender envy.

BUT ANYWAYS! enough about actors and gender envy. let's get on to the interesting part - my hyperfixation :3
god. crowley and aziraphale. they're so fucking stupid. AAAAARGGGH!!!!

aziraphale and crowley in the scene where they first meet muriel

I HATE THESE BITCHES FR ‼‼ 😭😭 (i love them so much w all my heart i'm gonna explode)

SEASON 2 RUINED ME!!!!!!! but i wish i had a relationship like theirs (except for the part where they literally part ways and leave each other at the end of season 2 but We Won't Talk About That)

drag crowley around :3

crowley looking goofy